For a limited time (while supplies last), purchase any 1 Year subscription to Dark Discoveries magazine (from the DD website –http://www.darkdiscoveries.com) and get a FREE Trade Paperback from either Gauntlet Press (a $16.95 value) or a Limited Edition Trade Paperback novella from Tasmaniac Press (a $14.00 – $22.95 value). Purchase any 2-year subscription and get two free Gauntlet or Tasmaniac TP books. Purchase any 3-year subscription and get 3 free Gauntlet Tasmaniac TP books. (Please list your book choice(s) (and alternates) in the comments section during checkout.). Or mix and match your choices!

Here are the choices from Gauntlet:

1. LADIES NIGHT – Jack Ketchum

2. RIGHT TO LIFE – Jack Ketchum

3. HIDE & SEEK- Jack Ketchum

4. TWILIGHT ZONE SCRIPTS: Volume 1 – Richard Matheson

5. TWILIGHT ZONE SCRIPTS: Volume 2 – Richard Matheson

6. COLLECTED SHORT STORIES: Vol. 1 – Richard Matheson

7. COLLECTED SHORT STORIES: Vol. 2 – Richard Matheson

8. COLLECTED SHORT STORIES: Vol.  3 – Richard Matheson

9. VISIONS DEFERRED (Contains Matheson’s scripts for “I Am Legend” – which has never been

        produced, “The Distributor” and “Sweethearts and Horrors”) – Richard Matheson

And from Tasmaniac:

1. WITHIN HIS REACH – Steve Gerlach (Introduction by William F. Nolan) (1 of only 180 copies – signed by Gerlach)

2. THE NOBODY – Tom Piccirilli (Introduction by Norman Partridge) (1 of only 180 copies)

3. STONE COLD CALLING – Simon Clark (Introduction by Kealan Patrick Burke) (1 of only 300 copies)

4. IN THE MIDNIGHT MUSEUM – Gary A. Braunbeck (Introduction by Terry Dowling) (1 of only 300 copies).

 If you’re more of a collector of signed/limited edition hardcover books instead, then head over to the Gauntlet website (http://www.gauntletpress.com). Order at least $100.00 of any in-stock titles and you get a free 1-year subscription to Dark Discoveries (a $29.99 value). Buy at least $150.00 of books and get a free 2-year subscription (a $54.99 value). Pick up at least $200.00 worth and get a free 3-year subscription (a $76.99 value). (When placing your order at the Gauntlet site, please put in the Comments Section: “Dark Discoveries Special” to claim your free subscription.)

 I’m planning on doing a couple other promotional offers of this type throughout the year with additional publishers including NEP (Necessary Evil Press) and maybe one other. So keep your eyes and ears open!

– James Beach




~ by darkdiscoveries on May 3, 2010.


  1. Awesome, James. Glad to see you teamed up with Steve now too! I’ll spread the word! Lee

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    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!

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