Special Dark Discoveries/Thunderstorm Books Joint Promo for August – FREE Books!

Today is my Birthday (August 6th) and i’m celebrating by kicking off another special Joint Promotion with fellow publisher Paul Goblirsch, who does the excellent Thunderstorm Books. The last ones I did with Gauntlet, Tasmaniac and NEP were so popular I decided to continue the trend. This is a great way for Dark Discoveries readers to try out some other small press publishers at no extra cost to them, and get a great deal on more issues of DD as well. The deal is the same: buy or renew any subscription to Dark Discoveries magazine and get FREE books with it!

Purchase a 1 Year Subscription ($29.99 US; $35.99 Canada; $51.99 Overseas) and get your choice of any one of these three Thunderstorm Trade Paperbacks:

DO UNTO OTHERS – J.F. Gonzalez ($12.95 list price)
EVERYONE DIES FAMOUS IN A SMALL TOWN – Wrath James White ($13.95 list price)
THE THIRD HOUSE – Andy Deane ($12.95 list price)

Purchase a 2 Year Subscription ($54.99 US; $65.99 Canada; $97.99 Overseas) and get any two of these 3 titles from Thunderstorm. Purchase a 3 Year Subscription ($76.99 US; $94.99 Canada; $144.99 Overseas) and get all 3 of these books.

On top of this, i’m spicing it up a bit more this time. I’m putting everybody’s name who takes advantage of this deal into a drawing for 2 free signed/limited hardcovers – Brian Keene’s LEADER OF THE BANNED and Brett McBean’s THE MOTHER (both $75 list price) – and one trade hardcover of THE BLEEDING EDGE (featuring Bradbury, Matheson, Nolan, Lansdale, Braunbeck,Shirley, Johnson, Newton, Morton, Goodfellow and many others) signed by 6 of the contributors ($65 list price). So that’s 3 more chances at winning another free book – all of which are bound to be very collectible down the road.

* No other special offers or coupons apply.


~ by darkdiscoveries on August 6, 2010.

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